[Mailman-Users] Virtual host with "manual" MTA?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Feb 4 15:19:20 CET 2010

Tim Bingham wrote:
>I read up what I could find (and understand) about virtual hosts and 
>I was able to successfully create the list with the alternate host 
>name, configure Apache to have a virtual host pointed to the web 
>interface for that list, and I added a domain to our DNS and set up 
>the host name there. I can subscribe to the list and post to it using 
>the virtual host name, but email coming out from the list has the 
>real host name as the reply address.

What is the host_name attribute (near the bottom of the admin General
Options page)? If it is "lists.university.edu", that's the problem. If
so, make sure you have a correct add_virtualhost('lists.project.org',
'lists.project.org') (assuming web and email domains are the same) in
mm_cfg.py, and you may want to run fix_url, although just changing the
host_name via the web admin is probably OK if the web URLs for the
list are OK.

If host_name is "lists.project.org", then it is probably your MTA that
is rewriting the domain. This is an MTA configuration and/or DNS
issue. The FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/uYA9> may be helpful.

>Everything I've read mentions configuring Postfix for virtual hosts. 
>However, I'm not using Postfix - my Defaults.py has MTA = 'Manual' 
>Is there anything I can do to get the list to use the virtual host 
>name for a reply address on outgoing email without installing and 
>using Postfix? I have no experience with it and am trying to keep it 

You don't need to use Postfix. The docs discuss Postfix because Postfix
is the only MTA for which Mailman can be configured to automatically
generat aliases and virtual domain maps, but you can have virtual
domains with Mailman and probably any MTA.

If this is an MTA issue, see my remarks above and the FAQ. I'm sure you
can configure this to work, but since you haven't even told us what
the MTA is or what's in DNS, we are unable to say more at this point.

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