[Mailman-Users] empty archive listinfo link + skinning mailman

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Feb 8 17:25:37 CET 2010

Guy wrote:
>Everything looks to working properly with my clustered set up now.
>Just noticed one thing.
>The page that comes up when you've got an empty archive includes a
>link to the listinfo page for the list.
>That link seems to always use the DEFAULT_URL_HOST rather than the URL
>of the virtual host for that list.
>I've run fix-url on the list, so it doesn't appear to be amongst the
>things that are fixed by that. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

If you post something to the list, that page will be rebuilt and use
the current value of the list's web_page_url in that link.

The page was built when the list was created using whatever was the
list's web_page_url at that time, and it is a static page and won't
change until a post is archived.

If archive is set to No for the list, you'll have to edit the page by

>I've also had the boss asking me whether it is possible to skin
>mailman now that he's seen it. Basically he'd like to be able to put
>the company logo on and also limit the number of options visible to
>users managing their own lists. He basically wants a dumbed down
>interface for list admins apart from us.
>Can this sort of skinning be done? And if not, is there an easy way
>for us to find out the variables used on the admin forms? We could
>then create our own php pages that call the forms already being posted
>to by mailman, at least I think that should be possible?

You can remove "Configuration Categories" from the admin interface by
deleting them from ADMIN_CATEGORIES. - copy the ADMIN_CATEGORIES
definition from Defaults.py to mm_cfg.py and edit it there. You can
make any category other than General Options inaccessible, but this
will be for all users of the list admin interface.

The variable names on the web forms are the names of the attributes as
displayed on the form, but there are a few other things that need to
be included in the POST data. See the FAQ at
<http://wiki.list.org/x/uIA9> and the "source html" of the pages
themselves for more hints.

You can change colors used in the web interface with mm_cfg.py settings.

You can change the footer at the bottom of non-archive web pages by
editing the definition of GetMailmanFooter() in

You can change the beginning and ending HTML of pages by editing the
Document.Format() method in Mailman/htmlformat.py, and you can make
edited templates for those pages built from templates (see the FAQ at

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