[Mailman-Users] .htaccess protection of archives

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 9 15:39:21 CET 2010

Phil Ewels wrote:
>I'd like to protect my mailing list archives behind some .htaccess 
>protection, but my mailman installation is a central one which serves a 
>number of different websites.

Why not just use private archives? You could use a .htaccess file to
prevent access by URL if you really don't want public access at all.
Then all archive access would have to be through

>I was thinking I could get around this by using a script to automate a 
>log in to the archives and then scraping the results back to my 
>.htaccess protected folder. I'm using GET variables to use the 
>subscription page at the moment (adding &adminpw=PASSWORD onto the end 
>of the url) and was wondering if there was anything similar that I could 
>do with the archives?

If for some reason Mailman's private archive authentication is not
satisfactory and you want to bypass the login page, you can append
?password=PASSWORD (where PASSWORD is a list admin or moderator or
site admin password) to any private archive URL.

>Alternatively, if anyone can think of another way to get the archives 
>behind a .htaccess wall I'd be keen to hear!

If I understood the desired end result, I might be able to suggest more.

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