[Mailman-Users] question mailing lists

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Feb 12 04:44:17 CET 2010

publicidad at redconexion.com.mx writes:

 > i created a mailing list, and i added about 2000 email directions,
 > including a hotmail address that i have, so i sent an email to the list,
 > with the intention to send the message to the 2000 users, and i dont know
 > if the 2000 users get the message, but the message never got to my
 > hotmail... so the question is, is there a limit of users that mailing lists
 > allow, or whar happened in that situation. and if there is no limit, when
 > does the 2000 users will get my email, at the very instant or 250 per hour
 > or how does the list works

This is a host configuration question.  Mailman just sends the post to
the host's mail transfer agent (MTA, such as sendmail, postfix, or
exim).  You need to talk to your system admin about this.

In general, mass mailings of that scale should complete within a
couple of hours from Mailman's point of view, and with the appropriate
host configuration can complete in a minute or so.  However, there are
many reasons why the delivery to the end recipient's mailbox may be
delayed for several hours.

To find out about the hotmail address, you need to look first in
Mailman's logs to make sure the post was sent, then in the MTA's logs
to find out whether hotmail accepted it.  This is usually not a
Mailman problem.

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