[Mailman-Users] Formatting incoming mail in Mailman

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Feb 13 17:56:52 CET 2010

Hank van Cleef wrote:

>I just sent a message to my list from a webmail account, and got an
>empty text body in what was sent out from the list.  Sent a second
>message to a user account which I read with elm to see what's in 
>the message body.  
>This is all of what comes through sendmail into the mbox:
><DIV style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif; font-size:10pt;"><FONT
> style="font-family: Arial,sans-serif;">send a line or two of text to
>see what t
>his sob sends.<BR></SPAN></FONT></DIV>

Really? No headers at all? Or is this just some elm view of the message

Look at the mbox with vi and look at everything from the "From "
separator through the end of the message.

>Note that it's HTML, but with no mime type indicator of any sort.
>I have Mailman content filtering for this list set to filter the
>content (yes), remove attachments that don't match standard mime
>types, collapse alternatives, convert html to text, and discard 
>messages meeting the filtering rules.

Presumably you are using pass_mime_types to remove the 'non-matching'
types. What's in pass_mime_types?

What is your HTML_TO_PLAINTEXT_COMMAND setting? Is this the problem
described at

>Up to now, we've used demime in the sendmail "post" alias pipe
>to demunge non-plaintext posts, but I'd like to switch to Mailman
>internal demunging.  
>The above webmail formatting is the default new subscribers to that
>ISP get.  We need to able to handle posts from total novices who 
>send such stuff.   
>Current Mailman is 2.1.9.  
>What do we do?

Show us the complete, raw message and we may be able to help.

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