[Mailman-Users] changing only the web interface url

leonardo maccari leonardo.maccari at unifi.it
Thu Feb 18 13:22:38 CET 2010

Dear list,
during a change in a domain name the follwoing has happened.

- a list XXX was created with domain newdomain.org, that is the default
- I had lists on olddomain.org that I don't want to keep.
- the list interface was redirected initially lists.olddomain.org
- now I completed the set-up and redirected the web interface to
- admin login for XXX on lists.newdomain.org does not work, i believe
because the web interface is still convinced to be on lists.olddomain.org

I understand that if I use fix_url it will change both the web interface
url and the list domain, which is something unwanted. So What I think
I'll do is to make a command.txt file containing:

web_page_url = 'http://lists.newdomain.org'

and run

config_list -i command.txt XXX

this should change the web_page_url variable, right?

I'm asking to the ML because if I run the config_list -o command I see
that the web_page_url variable is used but never set and if I run with
-i -c options it tells me that a "non-standard parameter" has been found
named web_page_url.

Mailman is debian stable standard version

dpkg -l mailman

ii  mailman                  1:2.1.11-11


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