[Mailman-Users] Sendmail - Aliases

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Feb 19 01:44:26 CET 2010

Steven Jones writes:

 > Is there any reason why there is no gui in Mailman to add the lines
 > needed to aliases fro sendmail?

Because nobody who needs it has bothered to write it, basically, and
because AFAIK in standard installations of sendmail you need to be
root to change the aliases file.  We really don't want to be
distributing half-baked scripts that need suid root, *especially not*
if they're going to be executable from the GUI.  We have enough CVEs
already, we don't want any more. ;-)

If you have Linux admins familiar with sendmail, surely one of them
can write the necessary script?

BTW, for Exim and Postfix, at least, as Ralf points out it's a
one-time cost, at Mailman installation time.  It should be possible to
create a sendmail.cf that sets up addresses that match one of the very
stylized addresses used by Mailman to forward to Mailman.  If you want
to do the Mailman/sendmail community a really big favor, put one of
those Linux admins on that problem.

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