[Mailman-Users] Warning: I/O Error While Trying To Byte-Compile

Beyer, Clay clay.beyer at nkadd.org
Tue Feb 23 20:34:20 CET 2010

Disregard that last email... I wasn't looking in the appropriate
directory. Sorry

Beyer, Clay Wrote:

>Mark Sapiro Wrote:


>>This is a Debian packaging issue. If you wish to install Debian's
>>Mailman package, you'll have to take this up with Debian.

>How would I go about completely removing the current, albeit, partial
>install of mailman? Is there a way to do any kind of complete removal
>other than just searching and deleting (after an apt-get remove)? I am
>bit of a Linux beginner, so I am not entirely sure how the tarball
>installations works, but I am betting that is simpler to figure out and
>will ask if I need any assistance.

apt-get purge mailman, then delete files in /var/lib/mailman,
/etc/mailman, /usr/lib/mailman, /usr/share/mailman and
/usr/share/doc/mailman (I think that is it).  Purge should do all this
for you (especially if you haven't touched any list config).

On the other hand, that is a strange error you got, and suggests you may
have another underlying issue.  If you haven't got anything else on the
box, you may just want to reinstall with the latest Lenny minimal server
install and work upwards.

Using the Tarball is easy enough, though I always use the Debian package
because I never have any issues with it.


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