[Mailman-Users] Setting up redundant mailing lists in OS XSnowLeopard.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Jan 1 21:43:18 CET 2010

Carl Zwanzig wrote:
>It might be easier to achieve with user education. Many 'modern' mail 
>clients can be configured to automatically (or not) download attachments and 
>whether (or not) to display images.  I know Thunderbird does this, and IIRC 
>outlook will, too.

If you really mean 'attachments' and not just things like remote images
linked from HTML message parts, this would require IMAP access to the
mail server. POP3 protocol only has the TOP command for retrieving
partial messages and all it can do is retrieve the headers and the
first n body lines (body in the RFC 822 sense where the body includes
all the MIME headers, boundaries, etc.). Further, most POP clients
just retrieve all new messages on the server in their entirety when
asked to 'check mail'.

And even with IMAP, it seems that at least Thunderbird with it's new
3.0 'Synchronize IMAP Messages' feature is moving towards
unconditionally downloading all messages in their entirety.

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