[Mailman-Users] moving mailman lists to new server, same domain name

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jan 3 00:42:56 CET 2010

Andrew Watson wrote:
>1)  on the old server, all files in /usr/local/mailman/lists and
>/user/local/mailman/archives have group mailman, but group wheel on the 
>new server.

This needs to be fixed. Everything needs to be Mailman's group

>2) on the old server, all archives/public files are owned by www, but on
>the new server by root.

There should be no archives/public files at all; only symlinks.
Ownership of symlinks is irrelevant.

If the old server had actual files in archives/public rather than
symlinks, the best recourse may be to rebuild the archive for those
lists with

 bin/arch --wipe

>3) on the old server, all .mbox files in archives/private are owned by 
>www, but on the new server by root.

This doesn't matter. It's the group that's important, not the owner.

>4) on the old server, all files in lists are owned by www, but on the

See 3.

>Should I correct all owner and group states to match the old server?
>From previous posts, I gather that owner is not important but that
>group MUST be "mailman".

First, run

 bin/check_perms -f

as root on the new server until it either fixes everything or gets to a
"no change" point. That may be enough, but if there are files left
that aren't in Mailman's group, you can fix thiose by hand.

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