[Mailman-Users] Setting up redundant mailing lists in OSXSnowLeopard.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Jan 4 18:38:56 CET 2010

Geoff Shang wrote:

>On Mon, 4 Jan 2010, JRC Groups wrote:
>> This is indeed the case. All subscribers will either belong to one list or
>> the other. Never both. One of the issues I noticed when reading the post has
>> to do with replies from subscribers. Considering subscribers are either
>> receiving mail from Sublist1 or Sublist2 but post are mailed to
>> UmbrellaList1 what happens when a subscriber replies to a post ? Since he
>> received it from (let's say) Sublist1 wouldn't the reply be sent back to the
>> same list ? How can this be resolved  in setting up this system ?
>Set each sublist to reply to a specific address and fill in your posting 
>address there.  This is in the General settings.

But you probably don't need to mung the reply-to, at least for the
sublists. Assuming no reply-to munging at all, the original post will
always be From: the OP and To: the umbrella. Thus reply will go to the
OP and reply-all to the OP and the umbrella, just as for a
non-umbrella case.

If you want to mung a reply-to, munging the umbrella to reply-to the
umbrella should suffice as that reply-to will pass through the
sublists unchanged.

The only place you have a problem is if the member's MUA offers list
reply based on the List-Post: header. This then may go to that
member's sublist only. The answer to this is to set
include_rfc2369_headers or at least include_list_post_header to No on
the sublists.

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