[Mailman-Users] odd problem with mailman holding mail in outgoingqueue

Alan McKay alan.mckay at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 19:49:25 CET 2010

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 1:05 PM, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:
> Those messages have been delivered to the MTA. If the list has just 3
> eligible recipients, that looks backlogged but otherwise normal. If
> the messages haven't been delibvered, check the MTA (mailq or
> whatever).

Here it is almost 2 hours later and those messages are still not out yet!

I forgot to mention in all of this that regular email to and from the
system works fine.   Emails to and from this Gmail account go back and
forth in just a few seconds.

> Your MTA is checking too much during SMTP from Mailman. It shouldn't be
> doing address verification or even domain verification on remote
> recipients.

Hmmm, now, this is one thing that does change on my system.   I use
Postfix and do helo checking with a file of spammers to reject.   I
add a few entries to that file every month (maybe 3 or 4 at most).  At
present there are only 72 entries in that file.   I also do general
RBL checking which could well be also taking place from MM to Postfix.
  I'll have to go have a look.   But it has been like this for years -
at least 3  years since I last went through my Postfix config and
tweaked it.  The only change since then is spammer domains going into
my helo_access file.

> What is in Mailman's out/ and retry/ queues at this point? The out/
> queue is almost certainly backlogged.

mailman at heimat$ ls qfiles/in/ | wc -l
mailman at heimat$ ls qfiles/out/ | wc -l

> You could try moving all the out/ and retry/ queue entries aside and
> then removing the bad addresses from them with the script at
> <http://www.msapiro.net/scripts/remove_recips> and then replacing the
> entries a few at a time.

OK, I'll give that a try.

> If the system is still slow, search the faq at
> <http://wiki.list.org/x/AgA3> for "performance".

Will do.  I had been searching on a number of terms, but not that one.

Thanks for your time!

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