[Mailman-Users] Delete and re-create a list with same name

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jan 5 02:11:11 CET 2010

Hung Phan wrote:
>We have a list which transfered over from a different platform and it  
>has multiple issues that we couldn't figure out. We thinking of delete  
>the list and re-create it with the same name. Will there be any issue  
>with re-create the list with the same name? Will bin/rmlist erases all  
>settings of the list?

If you remove the list with bin/rmlist you can recreate it with the
same name. If you want, you can omit the '-a' option from rmlist and
the archives will still be available when you recreate the list.

OTOH, if you describe the issues we may be able to help resolve them.

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