[Mailman-Users] mailman/listinfo page doesn't come up

myron kowalskM at cs.moravian.edu
Tue Jan 5 17:31:44 CET 2010

My web sever crashed and I upgraded from Solaris 9 to Solaris 10.
The version of python  went from 2.3.4 to 2.4.4.

Everything seemed to be working fine, that is, e-mails from the lists  
are being
sent and received. Then I needed to approve a message to a list from  
aa member
that needs approval. I don't know any other way to do that except  
through the GUI.

That's when I found out, it won't come up.

I found these errors in the apache logs

  (22)Invalid argument: exec of '/users/mailman/cgi-bin/listinfo' failed
  Premature end of script headers: listinfo

Myron Kowalski
MoCoSIN Network/Systems Administrator
Moravian College
myron at cs.moravian.edu

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