[Mailman-Users] help: lists set up and "successfully subscribed" but no one is getting the email

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Wed Jan 6 09:37:12 CET 2010

Heather Peterson wrote:

>I set up a new list and mass subscribed my whole office (5 people), but none of us has received the welcome >message that I included, and when I did a test email from outlook to the list, no one received it.

You need to include more information with this, such as:

- The version of Mailman you are running.
- The MTA you are running.
- What steps you made to configure Mailman on the server, how did you integrate it with the MTA?

I checked the headers of your mail, and it seems like you are possibly using a CPanel setup, if so, read the FAQ entry at http://wiki.list.org/display/DOC/Mailman+and+CPanel.  Apologies if I was premature in that conclusion.


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