[Mailman-Users] Oddity with list_members

Bernie Cosell bernie at fantasyfarm.com
Thu Jan 7 19:03:54 CET 2010

I'm having some trouble with list_members.  I do a list and I see several 
entries that don't show up in the GUI "Membership List" listings.  And 
the other way around: I got a complaint from a former list member that 
they were still receiving messages, but list_members did *NOT* list 
them... but going into the GUI the member was there [and I unsubbed him 
from the gui].  That got me to checking and I discovered thatAnother odd 
anomaly: the list_members list is almost entirely in alphabetical order 
by email addr... *except* for one address that ought to have been with 
the <s...> addrs and came at the very end of the list.  Also, the gui 
claims there are 326 members on the list, but list_members gives me 328.

The member that didn't show up on the list_members list (but was actually 
subscribed) showed up as just an ordinary list member on the GUI 
membership list [no "nomail" or anything like that].  And I can't tell 
anything about members that show up on list_mem but not on the gui -- I'm 
not exactly sure if they're on the list or not.  [I'll have to dig 
through the sendmail logs to see if they're actually receiving mailings 
or not].

Is this kind of thing indicative of something wrong in one of mailman's 
DBs or something like that?   Should I be taking some kind of repair/fix 
steps?  Thanks...


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