[Mailman-Users] API Version Mismatch

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jan 12 15:35:26 CET 2010

Young, Darren wrote:

>I'm calling config_list to take backups and get the following:
>/usr/local/mailman/pythonlib/korean/c/euc_kr.py:24: RuntimeWarning:
>Python C API version mismatch for module _koco: This Python has API
>version 1012, module _koco has version 1011.
>The dump appears to work correctly, is that error "safe" to ignore?

Yes, but...

(You probably also have the same warning in Mailman's error log from
each of the qrunners whenever you start or restart Mailman.)

The error occurs because the korean Codecs in
/usr/local/mailman/pythonlib/korean/ were built and installed with a
different Python version from the one that Mailman is running under.

Probably you installed a package and then upgraded Python, or perhaps
the package rpm was just built with a different Python.

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