[Mailman-Users] Is There a list member limitation?

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I also manage the mail servers, we use postfix with Amavid, ClamAV and
Spamassassian. I know
this is a mailman list but, is that (SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 500) a postfix
mail server configuration?


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LuKreme wrote:

>On 15-Jan-2010, at 09:24, Goodman, William wrote:
>> I had a user send an email to one of our lists (approx. 700 email
>> address), he states that some users received them about (450) and
other did not. Is there a email address limitation or member limitation?

>Not in Mailman.
>There are many reasons that a mail may not be received by some members
of a list.
>1) Spam filters on their machines that trap the mail as spam
>2) limitations on your sending server on how many emails you can send
to how many people in what amount of time
>3) Your server is on an RBL
>4) THEIR server is on an RBL
>5) They DID receive the mail, they just can't find it
>6) DNS issues (yours or theirs)
>There are probably other things.

In addition to the above, check Mailman's smtp-failure log if you can.

The 450 number (and exactly how can he know that?) suggests that
possibly list delivery was chunked with the default SMTP_MAX_RCPTS =
500 and only one chunk was accepted by the MTA.

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