[Mailman-Users] host.domain.tld vs. domain.tld

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 16 04:33:36 CET 2010

David Newman wrote:
>After migrating to new hardware, Mailman lists are working OK using the
>form <listname>@mail.domain.tld, but mail sent to <listname>@domain.tld
>bounces with an "User unknown in virtual mailbox table" error.
>This is a problem since some users expect <listname>@domain.tld to work.
>So, I'm looking for help in getting either of these forms working:
>This error is odd in that the form <listname>@domain.tld worked on the
>old server and I am using the exact same postfix and Mailman config
>files as well as the same MySQL databases.

My guess is that on the old server, domain.tld was in Postfix's
mydestination so that address at domain.tld was a local address and only
referred to alias_maps and not virtual_alias_maps, whereas on the new
server domain.tld is a virtual_mailbox_domain, thus postfix is looking
in virtual_mailbox_maps for address at domain.tld and not finding it..

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