[Mailman-Users] Sibling List Problem

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 16 16:32:29 CET 2010

Ryan Jameson (KISC) wrote:
>On our cPanel version of mailman I'm trying to make a list with several 
>siblings. I called it parent at example.com and under 
>//regular_include_lists// put:
>child1 at example.com
>child2 at example.com
>child3 at example.com
>child4 at example.com

This is yet one more example of cPanel's patches screwing things up. If
they actually knew what they were doing, they could make it work as
documented, but they don't know or care.

In cPanel regular_include_lists and regular_exclude_lists are broken.
For regular_include_lists used in lieu of an umbrella as you are
doing, I think you can use the cPanel munged listname; e.g.,

child1_example.com at example.com

and it will work as long as the list address is not in To: or Cc:.
I.e., if the names as I indicate are in regular_include_lists and you
mail parent at example.com, I think it will work, but if you mail
parent at example.com with Cc: child1 at example.com the members of
child1 at example.com will receive duplicates.

For similar reasons, I think regular_exclude_lists won't work at all in

I have anonymized your list names and copied this reply to
mailman-users, because I think this needs to be there, so please let
us know if this works as I think it will.

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