[Mailman-Users] qfiles/shunt

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jan 17 17:04:59 CET 2010

Con Wieland wrote:
>I do not understand how thinks end up here. I thought shunting was  
>done before the message went to the archive but this particular list  
>has no archive. Can someone help me understand why this was shunted?  
>Does that mean it wasn't sent to the list?

Shunting occurs whenever any of Mailman's 8 queue runners encounters an
unanticipated exception. It can occur during archiving by ArchRunner,
in which case it may only affect the archive, during delivery by
OutgoingRunner, in which case it affects only delivery, during
processing by IncomingRunner, in which case it affects lots depending
on where in the incoming process it occurred, and so forth.

There is always an entry in Mailman's error log corresponding to the
shunted message, unless perhaps the original problem involves logging,
which gives the exception and a traceback and which is required to
fully understand what happened.

>  ~mailman/bin/dumpdb ./ 
>[----- start pickle file -----]
><----- start object 1 ----->
> From bvlai at uci.edu  Fri Jan 15 20:19:39 2010
><----- start object 2 ----->
>{   '_parsemsg': False,
>     'adminapproved': 1,
>     'approved': 1,
>     'lang': 'en',
>     'listname': 'mc-niebla',
>     'original_sender': 'bvlai at uci.edu',
>     'origsubj': 'Rate your RA :)',
>     'pipeline': ['ToUsenet', 'AfterDelivery', 'Acknowledge',  
>     'received_time': 1263615579.8123469,
>     'recips': [...],
>     'rejection_notice': 'Your message was deemed inappropriate by the  
>     'sender': 'bvlai at uci.edu',
>     'stripped_subject': <email.Header.Header instance at 0x2e8b20>,
>     'tolist': 1,
>     'version': 3,
>     'whichq': '/opt/nsp/mailman/qfiles/archive'}
>[----- end pickle file -----]

I can tell from the above metadata that this exception occurred in
ArchRunner because of 'whichq', that it was a list post from a
moderated member, approved by a moderator.

I can't tell what the exception was or why it occurred without the
error log information.

Assuming there were no other shuntings of this message, it was
delivered to the recipients.

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