[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Gmane ?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jan 20 19:42:43 CET 2010

John Fitzsimons wrote:
>Does anyone here know what actually goes to Mailman from Gmane ?

I think you are in the best position to answer that.

>(1) Is it simply an email, with Gmane as the sender ? With no mention
>of the newsgroup poster in any of the headers ?

I assume it is an email unless you have set up a Mail<>News Gateway to
poll Gmane.

>(2) Is there anything contained in any of the headers from Gmane that
>refers to the newsgroup poster ?

Is not the poster's address in the From: header?

>I know some of you unix guys are pretty smart. Has anyone been able to
>see/grep these headers to see what they say please ?

What follows refers to a default installation of GNU Mailman except for
one guess at a cPanel URL. It may or may not apply to cPanel. Also,
some of these thing are site configuration settings that can be
overridden by a packager (cPanel) or an installation (your ISP).

Mailman has two concepts of the sender of a post. One is used to
determine whether or not the sender is a list member and the other is
used after it is determined that the post is not from a member to
determine if the sender is in *_these_nonmembers.

The first test is to inspect all addresses from the following in order
(determined by the setting of SENDER_HEADERS)
1) the From: header
2) the 'unix from' or envelope sender
3) the Reply-To: header
4) the Sender: header

If any of these addresses matches a list member, the post is determined
to be a member post from the first found member address and handled

If the post is not from a member as above it is from the address in the
From: header. If there is no From:, it is the address in the Sender:
header and if there is neither, it is the envelope sender (unix from)
(the from/sender order is reversed if USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER = Yes).

Is some Gmane address a member of your list? If so, and that address is
in one of 2 - 4 above, that's why non-member posts get to your list
from Gmane.

I think you can see a full, raw message from Gmane if your list has
archives. For a cPanel list xyz at example.com, you would go to

This requires authentication for the private archive (even if the
list's archive is public), but at least in standard Mailman the
equivalent URL will return the entire raw archive mailbox.

There, you should be able to find posts from Gmane and see all the

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