[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Gmane ?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jan 21 00:31:06 CET 2010

John Fitzsimons wrote:

>On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 10:42:43 -0800, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>John Fitzsimons wrote:
>>>Does anyone here know what actually goes to Mailman from Gmane ?
>>I think you are in the best position to answer that.
>Er. No. I don't. I don't have root access to my hosted server, and
>have no idea where my Mailman logs, or archives, are kept.

Read on.

>>I think you can see a full, raw message from Gmane if your list has
>>archives. For a cPanel list xyz at example.com, you would go to
>>This requires authentication for the private archive (even if the
>>list's archive is public), but at least in standard Mailman the
>>equivalent URL will return the entire raw archive mailbox.
>>There, you should be able to find posts from Gmane and see all the
>When I look at the archives I don't see the header info. Which,
>normally I would be quite happy about. Anything that helps keep things
>more "private" the better.

Did you actually go to a URL for your archive based on the template
above? If you did, what happened. If you didn't, then do it.

>So now, here is my next question. 
>If I setup the Gmane address for "moderation" and then put the
>subscriber's address in under....
>"List of non-member addresses whose postings should be automatically
>Would that help to plug the Gmane "hole" ? In other words restrict
>posting from Gmane to only those who are listed as subscribers ?
>Can anyone here answer that question and/or express a view on the
>possibility of this approach working please ?

It is complicated as I indicated in my original reply. It would help if
You went to an archive URL based on the template I gave and actually
found a message.

But, the answer to your exact question is No. In your scenario, the
post will presumably be 'from' the Gmane address so it will be hels as
a post from a moderated member. *_these_nonmembers only applies to
non-member posts.

Now, you could make all those authorized posters members of your list
(perhaps with no mail delivery and no password reminders), and that
would work if the posts are From: them. Then I think you could
moderate the Gmane address, and if it's  the envelope sender, and/or
Sender:, the member address in From: will take priority and determine
what is done with the post.

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