[Mailman-Users] Random email failures

Lou Covey lou at vitalcompr.com
Fri Jan 22 01:04:07 CET 2010

We run several lists for a non-profit organization on Mailman and in a  
couple of the groups, we have somewhat random failures.  With some of  
the members, they cannot receive emails sent to the lists, even though  
they are on the lists.  Some of the members can receive emails, but  
cannot send to the list.  We have checked, rechecked, erases, redone,  
checked and rechecked but the problem remains for these random  
members.  We have asked the members to check their own IT departments  
and the response has been that nothing seems to be a problem.  Is  
there anyone we can talk to to see if we are doing something wrong?

Lou Covey
lou at vitalcompr.com
650-430-8060 (mobile)

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