[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Gmane ?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 23 01:33:07 CET 2010

John Fitzsimons wrote:
>Yes, the loss of user options I can live with BUT the loss of
>passwords would be a concern. In this case the Gmane subscription. 

I don't think the password of the Gmane subscription to the Mailman
list is important.

>If I un subscribed them, then re-subscribed them, wouldn't I need to
>get an email response from them to complete their re-subscription ? 
>Or is there some way, using CPanel, to subscribe someone without
>needing to wait for any response from them ?

The web admin Membership Management... -> Mass Subscription page should
do it.

>Also, talking about passwords. Is there any way, as systems
>administrator, to know member passwords using CPanel ? 

No. You have to be able to access the list configuration file with
command-line tools.

>>You can use
>>something like Jim T's and my mailman-subscribers.py script[1] to
>>screen scrape the web admin Membership List and make a .csv file of
>>the membership together with those options except language that are on
>>the Membership List pages,
>Thanks, I am using windows. Not too keen on trying to get scripts to
>work on a windows display. Though, after your comments, I might take 
>a look at a windows scraper I have. Though that is intended for edit

The script is not a screen scraper in that sense. It accesses the
list's admin Membership Management... -> Membership List pages and
parses them to get the data.

Installing Python on your windows box is a piece of cake. You get the
installer at <http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.6.4/python-2.6.4.msi>
and run it. Then you run the script in a command window.

>>but restoring them is tedious. OTOH, if you
>>don't care about preserving these, you can just mass subscribe the
>>list and you're done.
>Sorry, I am not with you there. What do you mean by "mass subscribe
>the list" ?

The web admin Membership Management... -> Mass Subscription page 

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