[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Gmane ?

John Fitzsimons johnf at net2000.com.au
Thu Jan 28 01:29:28 CET 2010

On Wed, 27 Jan 2010 05:57:44 -0800, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>John Fitzsimons wrote:

>>There appears to be a problem here. I get an error. Here is what

>>C:\>mailman-subscribers.py -c http://domain listname_domain

>That is not correct. The first argument is just the host name (domain)
>without any http://

Actually, I did try with, and without, the http.

>>The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

>That error doesn't come from the script. 

Okay, I tried it again with a different mailing list. It worked. It
looks like I must have initially entered something wrong with the

< snip >

>>Also, I don't suppose that there is a script to collect all the
>>"customising" that one has done with a mailing list is there ?

>It's called bin/config_list, but you probably can't run it in cPanel.
>If you mean a script analagous to mailman-subscribers.py that will get
>the information via the web interface, I'm not aware of any.

Okay, thank you. Maybe a way for windows users to easily print out 
all the "customising" one does on a list would be handy for 3.0 ?

So that when one gets things "just right" it is easy to reproduce in
future lists.

Regards, John.

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