[Mailman-Users] Mailman with multiple domains

UGSD underground.sd at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 18:04:27 CET 2010

> I believe that mailing lists exist across all virtual domains listed?
> Is there any way to allow for the same mailing list on different
> domains with one instance of mailman?
> So I could have users at lists.domain1.net AND users at lists.domain2.net as
> two separate lists.

Currently, out of the box, Mailman shares namespace between virtual domains, so you can not
have users at lists.domain1.net and users at lists.domain2.net. However, there is a vhost patch that 
would allow you to do that, but it would require couple of modifications and some apache rewrite rules.

This patch mostly works. Mostly, because there is an issue with viewing private, password protected archives,
which i haven't been able to find a work-around for.

For more information check out this thread (it has somewhat detailed instructions):


- Igor

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