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Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Mon Jul 5 07:34:45 CEST 2010

On Jul 4, 2010, 

> Actually, that FAQ link used to go to the specific article which is now
> at <http://wiki.list.org/x/l4A9> before the FAQ was moved.
> That FAQ discusses how to install custom handlers to do these kinds of
> things.

Thank you, I'll see if I can work up an understanding of it.

procmail recipes for enabling rejection :


the specific recipe for rejecting a message with overquoting was this one below.  The weighting of quoted versus non-quoted lines, represented by the numbers 20 and -10, was arrived at by trial and error, and as I recall, was fairly lenient toward quoting so as not to make too many subscribers complain.  Looks like I was pedantic enough in text of the rejection message.  Also, today the quoting is done with some form of rich text at times, is it not?

-----cut here----

# mine (rob <a> colorist.org , 1998)
:0 hBHw
*  20^1 ^>
* -10^1 ^[^>]
        | formail -i "Subject: ***quote REJECT engaged"| $SENDMAIL -oi $maintainer

        | quotereject -attach

case $function in
    ($formail -i"From: $listreq" -rtA"X-Loop: $listaddr" < $tmprequest ;\
     $echo "Your mail to the mailinglist has been intercepted and"
     $echo "is being returned to you because it it appears to the list server"
     $echo "to contain an excessive amount of quoted material."
     $echo "Brief quoting is fine, but please quote only for context."
     $echo "Do not quote other messages in their entirety, or quote"
     $echo "message headers or signature files.  "
     $echo " "
     $echo "...excessive quoting is a waste of resources."
     $echo "If you feel that you've edited your message adequately but"
     $echo "it was still returned to you, you can appeal to the administator,"
     $echo "rob <a> colorist.org"
     $echo " "
     $echo "[message follows]"
     $echo " "; cat $tmprequest)\
     | $SENDMAIL $sendmailOPT $sender
    shift ;;

-----cut here-----

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org

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