[Mailman-Users] Regarding Creation of mailing list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jul 28 16:38:06 CEST 2010

sandeep kumar wrote:

>I have changed password of list creator password using mmsitepass
>dcis:/var/mailman/bin # ./mmsitepass
>New site password: 
>Again to confirm password: 
>Password changed.
>dcis:/var/mailman/bin # ./mmsitepass -c
>New list creator password: 
>Again to confirm password: 
>Password changed.
>dcis:/var/mailman/bin # 
>This was the error i have got when using the password which was change by above
>Error: You are not authorized to create new mailing lists

This is between your web browser and the web server on the host or
between the web server and Mailman.

Find the section in the script Mailman/Cgi/create.py that says

    # The authorization password must be non-empty, and it must match
    # the list creation password or the site admin password
    ok = 0
    if auth:
        ok = Utils.check_global_password(auth, 0)
        if not ok:
            ok = Utils.check_global_password(auth)
    if not ok:
            doc, cgidata,
            _('You are not authorized to create new mailing lists'))

Change the line

            _('You are not authorized to create new mailing lists'))


            _('Authorization failed. auth = %(auth)r'))

That will then show you the creator password that Mailman is seeing and
you can verify that it is or is not what you entered.

Also, it is possible that if the password contains non-ascii
characters, that there are character set conversion issues. The
password should not contain other than the 95 printable us-ascii
characters and must not begin or end with spaces.
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