[Mailman-Users] Subscribing people + setting nomail option

Eli Barzilay eli at barzilay.org
Fri Jun 11 05:25:13 CEST 2010

I have a script which I use to interact with mailman to approve
messages that are held for moderation -- it's conveniently shows me
each message and asks what to do with it, which I find way more
convenient than clicking my way around the html interface.

One thing that keeps happenning is that people who are not on the list
will post on it (some from a google group mirror, some from mailman,
and some just use the mail from the web page).  For that, I made it
possible to approve the post and send a message to the sender telling
them about it, asking them to subscribe, and I mention the no-mail
option that they can use.  The problem is that this is very

Is there some easy way to subscribe people and set the no-mail option
in one quick shot?  This way I can have my script tell them that if
they keep posting without subscribing then I'll do it for them, with
an explanation of the few implications (that most people won't care
about anyway).

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