[Mailman-Users] Settings for reply to all

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jun 13 20:15:02 CEST 2010

Michael Welch wrote:

>Hello friends. Is there a setting in Mailman that makes it possible for a "Reply to All" to pick up the From: address?

Yes. Set reply_goes_to_list to Poster so that "reply" goes to the From:
or the poster's Reply-To: and "Reply to All" adds the list from the
To: or Cc:.

But I suspect that is not what you want. I suspect you want "reply" to
go to the list so you have set reply_goes_to_list to This list. This
adds a Reply-To: header to delivered posts with the list posting
address. According to RFC 5322 and it's predecessors, RFCs 822 and
2822, Reply-To: specifies the address(es) to which replies should be
sent in lieu of the default From:. Most MUAs in generating a reply
will assume that Reply-To: overrides From so if there is a Reply-To:,
they will use the Reply-To: addresses for "replt" and "reply all" and
ignore the From:.

I suspect there are MUAs that will include the From: address(es) in
"reply all" recipients even when a Reply-To: is present, but this is
dependent on the MUA, and is arguably not the right thing to do.

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