[Mailman-Users] using mailman on a server other than the one that DNS is pointing to

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Tue Jun 15 18:06:57 CEST 2010

Adam Parker, OD wrote:

>no, i'm not actually using that domain.  Cpanel allows you to easily set up a list - it just asks you for the name of the list and a password and does >the rest for you.  The problem is that the server the Mailman/List resides on is not the server that houses the email server.  So i'm looking for a >way for the 2nd server to be able to monitor the emails from the email server.
>I went into the panel and there's a place to alter the MX record - one option is for "Remote Mail Exchanger" which I thought would work, but it >doesn't.  I'm not sure this is possible, but was hoping there'd be a way to use Mailman when the emails are not on same server.

Firstly, this list is not really set up to support users using the CPanel version of Mailman, which is altered to work with the CPanel setup.  We can only usually advise on a version of Mailman built from source, or that you can run the standard binaries on without breaking a CPanel list.

Having said that...

I understand you have two hosts - one running CPanel and Mailman, and one not.  You have moved your site over to the new host, but want to continue with the old host for the Mailman hosting.  There are two options as I see it:

1.  Use the old Host to host the mail system for your domain.  This essentially means pointing the MX records at your old host, then letting them handle mail forwarding, Mailman hosting, and mail hosting.  The new host wouldn't concern itself about mail.

2.  Move the list to a subdomain inside your domain, i.e., lists.example.com.  The MX records for your domain would point at the new mail server, but the MX records for the subdomain would point at the Mailman host.


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