[Mailman-Users] using mailman on a server other than the one that DNS is pointing to

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Wed Jun 16 04:45:48 CEST 2010

Adam Parker, OD wrote:
> Can you use mailman on a server other than the one where the DNS is 
> pointing to?

Technically there is nothing requiring Mailman to be running on your 
mail server.

In theory, there is no reason why each address for the mailing list(s) 
can't be a pop3 mail box that is polled for messages to feed in to 
Mailman.  Though this type of set up is out side of the scope of 
Mailman.  (It would be more in the scope of downloading messages from a 
mail box and piping them in to standard in of a program.)

> I have a website abc123.com and it's hosted on Host A.  Host A does 
> not allow Mailman on cpanel.  Host B does.  I set up a list called 
> "bot at abc123.com" on Host B while also setting up abc123.com as an 
> addon domain.  Is there any way to make this work?  It doesn't seem 
> to work now even though I have "Remote Mail Exchanger" chosen for the 
> MX value.

Purely from an email administration / routing point of view, you 
normally don't want the same domain to be handled by multiple servers. 
(I say normally because there are some special configurations where this 
is explicitly made to work.)

What you will end up with is each server will only work with (handle 
email for) it's incomplete list addresses.  I.e. host A will not about 
accounts 1 and 2 but not accounts 3 or 4.  Similarly host B will know 
about accounts 3 and 4 but not accounts 1 or 2.

What would probably be better, as Adam McGreggor suggested, is to have 
email for the abc123.com domain to one server and have email to the 
mailing list addresses be forwarded to accounts in a different 
(sub)domain on the other server.  I.e. bot at abc123.com would be forwarded 
to bot at lists.abc123.com.

Grant. . . .

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