[Mailman-Users] Help with Mailman configuration

Geoff Shang geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Wed Jun 16 18:19:48 CEST 2010

On Wed, 16 Jun 2010, Keith Blackie wrote:

> I have a mailing list that I need to setup. This mailing list will comprise
> of several hundred addresses that will be subscribed by using the mass
> subscription function. I need the following in place:
> 1) Only admins, moderators and list owner may post to mailing list - all
> other posts are deleted

Short answer: Make all new members moderated by default and set member 
moderation action to either reject or discard (both of these are in 
Privacy>Sender filters).  Then unmoderate those who are allowed to post.

Long answer: There is an FAQ on one-way lists. 

> 2) Sender is anonymous

Anonymous_list in General options.

> 3) Recipients may reply to the email and it will be sent to the admin and/or
> moderator and list owner

In General Options, set it to strip any reply-to addresses, then set the 
reply-to to a specific address and set the address to reply to.  I suggest 
listname-owner at example.com (obviously substitute listname ane example.com 
as appropriate).

> 4) No subscription notification or unsub notification should be sent

This is also in General Options - admin_notify_mchanges

> 5) Unsubscribe recipient immediately if email address fails and notify admin
> and/or moderator and list owner

I assume you mean if the address bounces during normal list use.  This 
would probably require changes to Mailman's bounce processing.  You could 
set the bounce threshold very low and it will suspend delivery with a 
notificatio, but it won't unsubscribe them immediately.

> 6) Users may not subscribe

I think this can be done but not sure exactly how.  Maybe by banning 
everyone?  I vaguely recall a simpler way but it's not coming to me.

> 7) Users may unsubscribe themselves

This is normal.

> This is on a server for which I have only the administrative access to my
> mailing lists. I hope I can get this in place and working properly, or at
> least something close.

The above should be possible without access to the shell.  If you want to 
hack the bounce processing then this will require shell access and will of 
course affect all lists.


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