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> Problem is this:
> I can create a new mailing list no problems and subscribe a handful of
> users
> to it and send out email without any dramas but as soon as I import
> entire mailing list subscribers (152 members so not big by any stretch
> the imagination) nothing goes out. It all appears to work fine but no
> emails go out. 

Immediate diagnostics, as others have suggested, involve looking at the
logfiles for your MTA and checking that they have actually been "sent".

It could be that your network provider has a mechanism for
side-spooling/delaying/blackholing email subsmissions to large numbers
of recipients. So sending to 20 addresses would be OK, but one you start
sending to more than that the email is automatically "quarantined" in
the event that it may prove to be spam.

Check with your network provider to make sure that there are no "limits"
in place that may have delayed your outbound emails. Also check with
your local system's mail spool and make sure that the emails aren't all
sat in an outbound queue waiting to be cleared/sent.

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