[Mailman-Users] Removing Moderator Approval

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Jun 19 17:58:12 CEST 2010

Greg Zilberfarb writes:

 > I want to totally eliminate moderator intervention and let the
 > emails fly as they may from list members and non-members alike.

Even if you have had no spam problem to date, that can change at any
time.  Make sure you know how to impose emergency moderation if you
get attacked by spammers.  Expect it to happen to many lists at the
same time, as the most likely vector is a virus caught by one of your
members' PCs, which then adds all of the addresses (probably including
several of the association's lists) in her book and saved mail folders
to some spammer's list.

I would strongly recommend filtering non-members on general
principles, but YMMV.  You know your situation best.

If that advice doesn't scare you, then for each list

Go to the Mailman interface, Privacy>Sender Filters and set
default_member_moderation to Off, and generic_nonmember_action to
Accept.  Also look at Privacy>Recipient Filters.

Then go to Membership Management, and make sure that the checkbox at
the bottom of the page for "Set everyone's moderation bit" is set to
Off.  (This is also called the "emergency moderation flag".)  Now
you should go through the membership lists and make sure individual
members are not moderated.  (If the setting of
default_member_moderation was On at any time, members who joined then
will have the moderation flag set, even if you never explicitly
moderated anyone.)

Finally, you might want to add some spam filters to the system.  This
is outside the scope of Mailman discussion, though.

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