[Mailman-Users] Mail server integration question - Solution

Cornelius Romein cornelius.romein at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 15:50:58 CEST 2010

I recently subscribed to the above list and found this question about mail
server integration.  There didn't seem to be an answer for it, so I hope
this helps.


It is possible to integrate an email server running Exchange 2003 with a
second email server running Mailman.


For convenience , the servers will be referred to as exchange.server.com and
mailman.server.com (substitute your own as required)


Mailman.server.com is taken to run Linux/Unix


These are the steps that made it work for me.


Update your MX records to read

server.com      MX preference = 0, mail exchanger = exchange.server.com

server.com      MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = mailman.server.com


You need a secondary (i.e. mailman.server.com) MX record to make this work.


Open up the Exchange Systems Manager and go to  Administrative Groups/First
Administrative Group/Servers/ServerName/Protocols/SMTP/Default SMTP Virtual

Right-click and select Properties.

(left)-click on the Messages tab and enter mailman.server.com where it says:
'Forward all mail with unresolved recipients to host'

Click ok.


If you have configured your Exchange Server to send a copy of Non-Delivery
Reports to the Administrator email address, you need to setup an
administrator at server.com address on mailman.server.com as well and make this
the default address for any emails that couldn't be delivered (i.e. those
causing an NDR).


In the Exchange Systems Manager, go to Administrative Groups/First
Administrative Group/Routing Group/first routing group/connectors/POP3
Connector Manager  and right-click again to access its properties, type
mailman.server.com as the email server and fill in the username (i.e.
Administrator) and password as required. The Exchange Mailbox should be

Click on the Scheduling tab and create a schedule as appropriate.  The
minimum is always every 15 minutes, but you can create a custom schedule to
download the emails at different rates during the course of the day.


On the Exchange Server, select start/run, type services.msc and press enter.

Select Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine and press Restart the service

Select Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and press Restart the service


Once you have made these changes, your Exchange Server will continue acting
as your organisation's main email server as before, but any messages
destined for Mailman (e.g. list-owner at server.com, list-request at server.com,
etc )will be passed on automatically and handled by Mailman.  Finally,
please note that mailman.server.com will become responsible for all NDRs as
*any* emails that cannot be handled by exchange.server.com are forwarded to



Kind regards,


Cornelius Romein



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