[Mailman-Users] Is there any log mark between Mailman and Postfix?

alexander at nautae.eti.br alexander at nautae.eti.br
Mon Jun 21 18:06:19 CEST 2010


I'm looking forward an way to show to my nonspecialist co-worker what  
happened with his announce messages.

So, is there any way to identify a relation between an specific  
Mailman announcement and Postfix log records?

In other words, I would like to get the lines from 'post' Mailman  
logfile, list each one as a link and list from those links the list of  
emails address and tries deferred, sent, etc, related from that  

The problem is: a line 'deferred' for a email address in Postfix log  
file doesn't (or I don't know) tell if it is from an specific Mailman  
announcement try.

In fact, if I can tell if the message was sent, it would be enough.

But, again, if I have the same email address in 10 Mailman lists and I  
get 5 'sent' Postfix log messages, I can't know what announcement was  
an success for that address.

Any help? Any idea?

I've tried to use the message size... but seems that Postfix and  
Mailman read size message in a different way... it would be enough  
because I could filter maillog looking for message size equals to  
'post' Mailman log file and catch the sent status from each address.

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

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