[Mailman-Users] Few questions and details

Joni Töyrylä info at jonitoyryla.eu
Tue Jun 29 09:52:15 CEST 2010

Hey Mailman postlist subscripers!

I did some minor tweaking on 2.1.13 Mailman as well as went through most 
of the Finnish translations. Im not sure should i post this to anywhere but

Here is minor changes to code:
1) Mailman/HTMLFormatter.py:402:            
'<mm-host>' : Utils.get_domain()
--- To get correct mm_cfg.DEFAULT_URL_HOST instead of server hostname, 
for some reason MailList.InitVars() is either not ran yet or variables 
has been overwritten? Im not sure why mm_cfg.py settings are not working 
2) Mailman/MailList.py:187 and Mailman/HTMLFormatter:46
host_name = Utils.get_domain()
--- Same as above
3) In 2.1.11 there is different fontsize in admin/listinfo pages, is 
this same for 2.1.13? If not, this is easily changed in 
MailList/Cgi/admin.py - i changed this for 2.1.11 but i dont remember 
was this in 2.1.13 or did i change this for 2.1.13 too... pff. Example 
at http://stonelake.fi/mailman/listinfo.

Best regards,
Joni Töyrylä

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