[Mailman-Users] Changing host names, revisited... POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon May 3 01:02:14 CEST 2010

Tanstaafl wrote:

>On 2010-05-02 5:22 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> If your list mail goes to ... at example.com and example.com is a local
>> domain in Postfix (i.e. in mydestinations), you don't want
>> POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS at all and you don't want any references
>> to Mailman's virtual-mailman in virtual_alias_maps in Postfix.
>It's not local, I'm using virtual_mailbox_domains/maps... I do host
>email for two other domains, just no lists (and no need for them)...

This gets complicated. My question at this point is how is mail to
listname at example.com getting to Mailman. Any virtual mappings in
Mailman's virtual-mailman will be for the listname at myhost.example.com,
etc. addresses, so Postfix can't be relying on that for delivery. So
if example.com is not a local domain, how is mail to that domain
getting to Postfix's local delivery in order that Mailman's pipe
aliases are effective. Are transport maps involved for this domain?

I probably need to see "postconf -n" and to understand whether there
are only list addresses @example.com or if there are non-list virtual
mailbox users @example.com too.

Also, there are mailman generated addresses such as list-bounces, and
these are currently all generated @myhost.example.com, so how is that
mail delivered?

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