[Mailman-Users] Nonexistent user receiving a monthly passwordreminder

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon May 3 05:31:53 CEST 2010

Pat Plummer wrote:
>A few months ago, I had to restore my server from back up due to catastrophic drive failure. Since then I have had a single user that was deleted over 3 years ago that has begun to get monthly password reminders for a list she no longer belongs to. Her name does not show up in any list member lists/dumps and the problem does not respond to the scripts for addresses that have unusual or upper case characters, etc etc. I have tried to look through the script that handles this (mailpasswds), but cannot figure out where this script gets its user info. She does not receive the list traffic that this active list has -- only the reminders.

It gets its information from the config.pck files of the the various

>I have also tried adding her and re-deleting her, logging into the page that is sent in email (the page comes up in the browser, but does not respond to logins/auth failed error), and have tried to look through config files that appear to be likely suspects, but cannot find her email address anywhere.
>If someone could at least point me in the right direction or suggest relevant sections in the fine manual that might apply, I'd be grateful. I rather not turn off monthly reminders for everyone else if possible.

Turning off reminders for the current list won't solve the problem
because the reminders are coming from some other test/back-up/whatever
Mailman instance that is running cron/mailpasswds against some old

Look at all the Received: headers in the reminder mail. They should
tell you from what server the reminder originated. If it is not the
current server, find it and remove Mailman's crontab. If it is the
current server do

locate mailpasswds


find / -name mailpasswds

to find the 'other' Mailman.

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