[Mailman-Users] Attachment delivery to different mail clients

Dave Anderson Dave.Anderson at ufv.ca
Mon May 10 18:55:37 CEST 2010


We recently migrated our mailman server from a server with Version 2.1.1 to a new server with Version 2.1.9. One of our mailing lists distributes a PDF file attachment. However, when I switch to the new server the PDF would be delivered to some MUAs fine, but other MUAs would receive the message below:

Excerpt for Groupwise MUA:
Test PDF function
begin 644 btest.pdf
M)5!$1BTQ+C0*)<?LCZ(*-2 P(&]B:@H\/"],96YG=&@@-B P(%(O1FEL=&5R
M("]&;&%T941E8V]D93X^"G-T<F5A;0IXG.W634L#,1 &8/RL1M&_D)N)L&-F
M8!_:_V'61BF.W[2PW5^N['PP=R_%,E-(=G at W@6K5H&5:9UO$EE IJQU6YM4=
MF=7-IH#$/;LSWT6*M=:XDV(VQB;5NIWL?#I:4':+3]]E$NVCN at O?,6E)J7>7
M I#_/B91\)C at F<4E @A   (0@  $('L @MH5M2LN$4   A"   0@ -D7$-2N
MJ%UQB0 "$(  !"   <B^@*!V_;5V;>,;<S^8Y]:^ 46F&%QE;F1S=')E86T*
M96YD;V)J"C8@,"!O8FH*,S(W"F5N9&]B:@HT(# @;V)J"CP\+U1Y<&4O4&%G
M92]-961I84)O>"!;," P(#8Q,B W.3)="B]2;W1A=&4@,"]087)E;G0@,R P
M(%(*+U)E<V]U<F-E<SP\+U!R;V-3971;+U!$1B O5&5X=%T*+T9O;G0 at .2 P
M(%(*/CX*+T-O;G1E;G1S(#4@,"!2"CX^"F5N9&]B:@HS(# @;V)J"CP\("]4
M>7!E("]086=E<R O2VED<R!;"C0@,"!2"ET at +T-O=6YT(#$*/CX*96YD;V)J

It works fine on the old server, but we need to retire it soon. I have compared the list configuration and they are identical. I setup a test list on the new server and I get the same results.

The message is sent to the list via the following script:

( cat to.txt ; uuencode test.pdf test.pdf ) | mailx -s "Check" list at example.com 

Note: I get the same results with .doc as well.

Is this a bug? 
Is there another config file I should check?


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