[Mailman-Users] restore mailing list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed May 12 06:46:05 CEST 2010

dumpsterdiver wrote:

>I am unsure what went wrong, but 2 days ago Mailman unsubscribed almost 200 of my 600 subscribers to my mailing list.  While I am interested in how I can prevent this from happening again, I am more interested currently in how to restore my mailing list member list to what it was before the glitch.  Can anyone help?

To find out what happened, look at Mailman's bounce and subscribe logs.
It is quite possible that the 200 addresses were all undeliverable and
were removed by bounce processing.

Also, depending on your Mailman version there was a bug that could
unsubscribe members with 'stale' bounce scores if the
bounce_score_threshold was lowered. This is fixed in recent versions
but possibly not in yours.

To get the unsubscribed members back, find a recent but before the
event backup containing Mailman's lists/LISTNAME/config.pck, and
restore that over the current one. This will have a few side effects
like creating digest issue numbers that may have already been used and
removing any members that have been added after the backup, but you
can check Mailman's subscribe log to find any new members.

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