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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri May 14 17:52:42 CEST 2010

Lee, Davis H wrote:
>I have checked the entries you mentioned for DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN and the
>msg & digest footer entries in several of the lists admin management
>pages.  They all look good. I've also run fix_url again for each list.
>And I rebooted the server.

Fix_url should fix most of this. See the FAQ at

In Mailman's directory, run

  bin/dumpdb lists/madison_community/config.pck | grep web_page_url

(you may have to add some path info is bin/ and lists/ are not in the
same directory. Based on your having run fix_url, I suspect that this
will show the correct http://lists.aps.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/ value. See
below for more.

>We continue to have inconsistent results.  It seems that either some
>posters or some lists are getting the correct addresses and other
>aren't. I also have one particularly frustrating situation where one of
>our moderated list's moderator cannot seem to send out his weekly
>bulletin.  His messages indicate that the message is posted to the old
>address (without /cgi-bin/), which does not exist anymore,

Are you sure? I think this is the crux of the situation right.

>but the
>messages are not waiting to be approved at the new admindb pages. This
>is after I unchecked him as a moderator and made sure that his box
>remained unchecked. See immediately below:

I think you mean "unchecked him as moderated", not "unchecked him as a

>-----Original Message-----
>From: mailman-bounces at lists.aps.edu
>[mailto:mailman-bounces at lists.aps.edu] On Behalf Of
>madison_community-bounces at lists.aps.edu
>Sent: Friday, May 14, 2010 8:00 AM
>To: madison_community-owner at lists.aps.edu
>Subject: 4 Madison_Community moderator request(s) waiting

If you look at the full raw headers of this message, the Received:
headers will show where this is coming from. I think you'll find it
comes from the old installation.

>The Madison_Community at lists.aps.edu mailing list has 4 request(s)
>waiting for your consideration at:
>	http://lists.aps.edu/mailman/admindb/madison_community
>Please attend to this at your earliest convenience.  This notice of
>pending requests, if any, will be sent out daily.
>Pending posts:
>From: baXXXXXXX at aps.edu on Fri May  7 11:59:20 2010
>Cause: Post to moderated list
>From: baXXXXXXX at aps.edu on Fri May  7 12:12:28 2010
>Cause: Post to moderated list
>From: baXXXXXXX at aps.edu on Fri May  7 13:58:57 2010
>Subject: Test
>Cause: Post to moderated list
>From: baXXXXXXX at aps.edu on Thu May 13 15:50:59 2010
>Subject: 13 May BPM
>Cause: Post to moderated list
>In the meantime, some posts do get the correct addresses (with
>/cgi-bin/) in the footers 
>(Science mailing list
>Science at lists.aps.edu
>I will try to figure out whether this happens per poster or per list.
>1) Is there anything I should do to help you help me? More info,
>different composition of email, etc..?

Your MX DNS records for lists.aps.edu and aps.edu indicate you are
using Forefront Online Protection for Exchange. could this be still
delivering some list's mail to the old server? Or if not Forefront,
something in the MTA that Forefront delivers to.

If you go through everything here and still can't find the problem,
then tell us what you did and what you found.

>2) Where can I look for these lost postings?

On the old server.

>3) Once I find them, can I send them along their merry way, and get the
>request messages to stop?

If you want them to be delivered to the old list. The best way to
handle this is to make sure that neither Mailman nor any of Mailman's
cron jobs are running on the old server (or since it's OS X maybe it's
launchd instead of cron). Then, on the old server, you will find these
messages in Mailman's data/ directory with names like
heldmsg-madison_community-nnn.pck. You can move these files to the new
server and re-post the messages with the script at

>4) Of course... how can I get this inconsistency resolved?

Completely decommission the old installation and make sure all list
mail is delivered to the new installation.

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