[Mailman-Users] weird message in /var/log/mailman/vette file

Masaharu Kawada mkawada at redhat.com
Thu May 20 02:28:40 CEST 2010

Hello Mark-san,

Thank you very much for your answer.


Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Masaharu Kawada quoted me and wrote:
>>> and optionally,
>>> 3)Add 'MAILTO=the_address_of_the_mailman_site_admin' to Mailman's
>>> crontab so errors will be mailed directly to the admin instead of to
>>> the list. 
>> As for the step 3, in this case, 'root@' should be set on the 'MAILTO='
>> line in mailman's crontab? 'The_address_of_the_mailman_site_admin' is 'mailman@' though.
> mailman at ... is a list, not a person. There is no point in adding
> MAILTO=mailman at ... to Mailman's crontab as that is where the mail goes
> by default anyway and steps 1 and 2 should ensure that the appropiate
> person/people receive it.
> Step 3 is only if you want to bypass the mailman list entirely and
> deliver these cron errors directly to a person, but for ease of
> maintenance, it is probably better not to do this and to deliver the
> errors to the site list as long as it's configured so someone actually
> recieves the mail.

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