[Mailman-Users] Approved message is discarded

André van Kan andrevk at nikhef.nl
Wed Nov 3 17:55:29 CET 2010

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your reply.

> Please post to the list, not to me personally.

Point taken. And sure, you are Mark, not Larry, sorry ;-)

> However, the above messages, presumably from Mailman's vette log, come
> from two different PIDs. Thus, I'm guessing that you are approving these
> messages via the admindb web interface, and something is going wrong in
> that process resulting in the message being discarded by the admindb CGI
> itself.

That is right, these are vette-log entries and the approving attempt is done
via the admindb web interface.

I found out that as soon as the list-administrator just selects the link in
the ".... requires approval" message as sent by mailman, ("Reason:  Post
by non-member to a members-only list") the message is discarded at that
very moment! (vette log update detected)

After that the following is displayed:
   |Action to take on all these held messages:
   |Defer    	   Accept    	   Reject    	   Discard

but *no* pending message is there to Accept.

> Have you modified admindb.py in any way?


> Does the web admin interface work?

Except for the murdering of pending messages the interface works

> What Mailman version is this?

mailman-2.1.9-4.el5 (RPM)

> How exactly are you approving messages?

As said before: by selecting the link in the mailman-sent message.

Best regards and thank you for your help,

                         André van Kan

*  Computer Technology Group    *  Nikhef, Amsterdam    *

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