[Mailman-Users] Moving / upgrading Mailman from Solaris to Linux

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Thu Nov 11 16:52:22 CET 2010

Adam McGreggor wrote:

>In such a case, you're reliant on the maintainer updating fixes
>promptly (or very rarely, the security team), along with necessary
>modifications to conform with Debian policy.

Yes, I am still waiting for the latest Mailman security patch to be included in the stable Debian repo, and it is a shame imho that we aren't likely to get 2.1.14 in the next Debian release (the latest Debian package seems to be a patched 2.1.13).

>Once one gets around those, one has something that's usable, and not
>too difficult to operate, but I've not done a source <--> source
>comparison for a while.

It is easy to install and operate, I will give you that.

>I'm lazy, and just use the versions in the repos, but am aware a
>couple of folks on list either build their own PPAs or use others.

I am thinking of trying to build my own install for the reasons I outlined above, the reasons I am holding off this are:

1.  Having to move everything out of the directory structure you get with the Debian package.
2.  Knowing what functionality/bug fixes I am getting with the Debian specific patches that I wouldn't otherwise get from the upstream package.


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