[Mailman-Users] Moving / upgrading Mailman from Solaris to Linux

Ivan Fetch ifetch at du.edu
Fri Nov 12 01:51:51 CET 2010


Thank you, Mark, Adam, and Andrew for your replies. More below.

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> Ivan Fetch wrote:
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> >We are planning to move our Mailman installation from Solaris to
> Linux, and upgrade in the process. I'd love to hear from anyone who has
> run production Mailman on Linux.
> >
> >What experiences have list members had with RedHat vs. Ubuntu Mailman
> packages, vs. compiling Mailman from source?
> I run Mailman installed from source on CentOS 5 for my production
> lists. The default Python on this server is the CentOS/RedHat
> 2.4.3-27.el5 (you need both python and python-devel to install Mailman
> from source). I also have Python 2.6.5 on this server installed from
> source. I have installed and run Mailman in production at various
> times with both Python versions. Currently I'm running Mailman
> installed with Python 2.6.5.
> My lists are small to moderate size (<500 members) and low to moderate
> traffic (zero to two or three dozen posts per list daily).
> Everything works fine (I fix the Mailman bugs when I find them ;)

> >At this point, even though I prefer to use packages when possible, I
> am leaning toward compiling Mailman from source because of:
> >1. Red Hat packages are typically more ancient
> >2. Ubuntu packages seem to include non-standard patches to Mailman
> (still sorting this out)
> I've never used the Debian/Ubuntu package, but I've had issues with
> some of their patches. I've fixed the significant problems addressed
> by the Debian patches, at least those I understand, upstream in 2.1.13
> and 2.1.14.

What issues have you had with their patches? E.G> the way they have fixed a bug on their own?

> >Additionally, has anyone run into problems with Python packages
> provided by Red Hat and Ubuntu?
> The RedHat Python 2.4.3 package works for me, but it is old. There are
> python26 packages in the epel repository, but I haven't used them.

I will look into the EPEL python, it would be nice to have acces to something somewhat newer than what ships with RHEL. Although ... RHEL 6 is out now. :-)

- Ivan

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