[Mailman-Users] Approved message is discarded

Adam McGreggor adam-mailman at amyl.org.uk
Sat Nov 13 13:46:35 CET 2010

On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 01:12:18PM +0100, Andre van Kan wrote:
>  - cluster 1: runs the MTA (Postfix) and MM
>  - cluster 2: runs Horde and the MM-webinterface
>  - cluster 3: runs Cyrus-imapd
> Cluster 1 and 2 share - via NFS - the MM-lists etc. I found out however
> that data/heldms* was only available on cluster 1. 
> >From the moment that I shared this directory between cluster 1 and 2 the
> approved messages were visible with the admin webinterface and approving
> resulted in a transfer of the messages to cluster2:/var/spool/mailman/in
> and are waiting there for the things to come. 
> So the problem is partly solved, albeit that the messages still are not
> delivered, supposedly because cluster 1 should be able to transfer the
> messages to cluster 3, the IMAP-server (?). 

Why on earth are you adding in IMAP at this stage? Mailman is designed
to deliver via a pipe, to the scripts. I believe that's the case, even
with Postfix.

> So I want to share the directory cluster2:/var/spool/mailman/in with
> cluster 1 since this cluster is configured to send the messages to the
> IMAP-server. 

I suspect that that's a completely wrong approach.

> Does this sound reasonable to you, or should cluster 2 itself better be


> configured to send the approved messages to the IMAP-server directly?

's/to the IMAP-server//'

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