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Troy Campbell troy.campbell at fedex.com
Fri Oct 1 16:57:20 CEST 2010

Thanks again Mark.  I've decided to manage it with separate postfix
config files (one for when there is no service group on a server, one
for when there is just the Mailman service group, one for when there is
just the IMAP service group and one when there is both) and just restart
postfix and monitor it as part of VCS as it doesn't make sense to merge
config files for other reasons anyway.


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Troy Campbell wrote:

>For some reason when I moved the mailman configuration a few months ago

>I had to add /etc/mailman/aliases to the alias_maps e.g.,:
>alias_maps =    hash:/etc/aliases
>                hash:/etc/mailman/aliases
>whereas on the old installation I didn't.  Since this is on a server 
>that can fail over to another server that has the IMAP configuration 
>doesn't need /etc/mailman/aliases I would like to see if there is a 
>workaround so that they both have the same postfix configuration.  
>if this is more of a postfix question but I didn't get an answer on 
>their list yet.

Postfix doesn't do IMAP, nor do other MTAs, so I'm not sure if the IMAP
reference is relevant.

Is the Mailman package on the other server the same as the one on this
server which is clearly a downstream package if aliases are in

>Basically trying to get the /etc/postfix/main.cf files identical so I 
>don't have to manage the differences and bounce postfix on failover.

If Mailman is installed the same way from the same package on both
servers, and there are no non-mailman differences in the Postfix
configuration, there should be no reason why they couldn't use the same

On the other hand if the two servers have different Mailman packages,
then their Postfix requirements could be different.

On the third hand, this could be simply that on the other server,
Mailman's aliases were copied to /etc/aliases so /etc/mailman/aliases
wasn't needed.

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